We All Need Understanding and Hope

Even though the writing journey is done when the memoir was published on May 30, 2019, Becoming Whole the book has taken on a life of its own.

Since day one, I heard from many friends and family near and far who all bought and read my book. The support I received is incredible. Not only did they buy and read it, they thought the book is pretty good. The online reviews are great. I am so very happy, but I know they all love me and might be totally biased!

My friend Wendy recommended my book to her book club and invited me to their book discussion. Ten women, all strangers, read my book! I didn’t have any expectations for my first in-person book discussion outside my friends and family. I thought I would be myself and talk about whatever the book club wanted to talk about. Immediately, I felt that everyone appreciated the memoir and the chance to look inside my head. They were curious and wanted to know more: am I still in touch with my friends in the book, what was it like to be at McLean, etc. They shared their most stressful moments from the book. One of them being Dr. Han! Everyone told me what they took away from the book. There was even a request for what to write next! Two hours flew by. I was amazed at the openness and thoughtfulness of these women. I was again humbled by how schizophrenia and mental conditions are part of many of our lives. Everyone knows somebody who knows somebody. The group was understanding and empathetic. I could not ask for a better first discussion than this!

Separately, I was messaged by a parent, a stranger, who told me this, “I enjoyed your book. My child was recently diagnosed with early-onset schizophrenia. My 1st book terrified me about the life my child might lead. I am pleased you have been able to continue on. We need hope. Your book has that.” This really made me teary and all my hard work worthwhile.

This is more than what I expected, and I feel blessed to be part of this. Thank you very much for those who are already part of this Becoming Whole journey with me. I hope my book can continue to bring understanding and hope to more individuals who decide to read it.

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